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Ivete Sangalo, considered by many the most popular female artist in Brazil, is about to embark on a new USA tour. After travelling extensively throughout Brazil, the powerhouse singer from Salvador, Bahia will play five dates in the United States from August 9 through August 18: Oakland, Los Angeles, Lynn, Newark, and Miami. The show’s name “Real Fantasia” is homonymous with Ivete’s tenth solo CD, released in October 2012. According to Ivete, “Real Fantasia is the name of one of the tracks, and became the name of the album and the tour because of what it represents. It's a bit of a translation of my life, what I’m living. My reality is a fantasy, is music, is art, is the playful, is Carnival.

In 1999, after five years of success as lead singer of Banda Eva, the singer from Juazeiro, Bahia, started her solo career and became one of the most important artists in Brazilian music. The singer has ten solo CDs released (not including compilations), four DVD's and more than 15 million CDs and DVDs sold in Brazil and abroad. She is the undisputed “Queen of Carnaval” in Salvador, and her striking personality and ability to communicate with a diverse and distinct audience put the singer among the five most reliable figures for the Brazilian people, according to a survey conducted by the newspaper Folha de São Paulo in 2010. Altogether, she has overr 200 registered fan clubs and the official website of the artist receives about 350,000 visits per month. Ivete’s twitter profile now has over 8 million followers. In 2010 the artist recorded the CD and DVD "Multishow Live - Ivete Sangalo at Madison Square Garden,” a live recording of Ivete’s sold-out concert in NY.


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