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Lovelife Biography

Not often does a phoenix burn into dust, only for it to rise again on the other side of the Atlantic as a handsome synth-pop quartet, but that is exactly what happened to Lovelife. As the ashes settled on two relatively well known British acts Viva Brother, who had a top 40 debut record and electronic act Mirrors, Lee Newell, Ally Young, Sam Jackson and Frank Colucci moved to New York City to give themselves and the tracks that they'd been working on a gleaming new scenery and a breath of fresh air. So came  El Regreso, a four track EP oozing electronic gospel, with hints of synth-poppyness and  r'n'b slithering out of almost every pore. A sound that can only be described as Lovelife.

To date, the now LA-based band have signed a publishing deal with Mighty Seven songs, released four EPs and one music video - with another on the way. El Regreso and the three EPs that followed, The Fourth Floor, Stateless and most recently,  Feel have not only propelled the band into the spotlight with almost 1.5 million plays on Soundcloud, but have gathered them a faithful fan base ''They're a different kind of fan, they get so involved, and I love that. They really care, and how they get involved makes it worth it.'' says vocalist Lee Newell.

One song in particular has attracted interest. 'Your New Beloved', which was initially released on The Fourth Floor EP, has been featured as iTunes single of the week as recently as February - receiving 400,000 downloads, an incredible amount for an unsigned band. The lyrics are astutely raw and hit home hard, something that Lee took upon himself to hone in on.

Its not only their own tracks that have given them attention. Remixes of world-renowned artists such as Lady Gaga, Maroon 5 and Ellie Goulding have allowed Lovelife to attract fans of those who they have remixed. It has also worked in terms of giving the band huge opportunities, especially with Ellie Goulding who has invited the four piece to tour with her at the end of April across the USA.

It was on tour with The Neighbourhood that the band made ties for life and realised where they wanted to go. They spent a lot of time in 2013 with The Neighbourhood and The 1975, and saw both bands become commercially successful. It's something the band themselves would like to achieve but put the music first. 'The Neighbourhood are like family, they're great and we love them. They're huge, it's crazy, but I won't sit here and say ''we're trying to do what they did'' because we're not. Of course we'd like this band to be big, but we're taking it as it comes. 'I tell you what though, I'd love to win a Grammy - that would be fucking cool' Says Newell.

With new single 'Angel', an astonishing merger of electronic wall of sound and melodic guitars and an album on the way, Lovelife have given themselves a chance to grow and become as successful as their peers. 


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