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Trev Rich Biography

The year of the Young G.O.A.T, **Trev Rich**, has been one for the books.

The summer began with a shout out and discussion about **Trev Rich** during an interview on HOT 97 with **Mike Zombie**, **Ebro** and **Rosenberg**.

And after a chance meeting with head honcho, Birdman of Cash Money Records at The Hit Factory in Miami, FL, Trev played a few records for the veteran exec and an instant collaboration was born. Soon, talks of bringing Trev into the Rich Gang/Cash Money were underway.

He spent most of the summer in Cash Money Records studio, The Hit Factory in Miami writing and recording multiple tracks under the watch of Birdman.

Returning home to Denver with dozens of tracks recorded, a newly strengthened mentor in Birdman, the announcement of Trev Rich's signing to Cash Money Records quickly made the rounds.

In October, he told HipHopDX that the whole process of meeting Birdman and signing to Cash Money “was a blur” going back and forth from the Mile High City to Miami and finalizing the deal in New York. With Denver as a still-blossoming market, Rich explained the importance of the deal not only for himself, but for the city.

“I definitely feel like this is fresh,” he said. “It’s a new chapter, it’s a new slate to my career. Going from that to this, I don’t how any artist would not be motivated, not be inspired to do better and stretch and go outside of what you think your box is when it comes to creativity and just try to make the best music possible right now.” via

Trev is now seeing his hard work pay off with the confirmed release of "To Make a Long Story Short," a teaser project with album quality bangers set for release on December 19th via Rich Gang/Cash Money Records.

#TMALSS gives you the full picture, inciting listeners to keep watch on Trev Rich's releases in order to receive the full picture of his story. "Outro," is the track that opens like an epilogue, telling you what it took to get to this point in the game. It's an opening cliffhanger and prepares fans for what will be the detailed story of one of the greatest young rappers on the rise.

Mark your calendars for "To Make a Long Story Short," (12 tracks featuring production from Sharke, Brinky, D-roc and Guerrilla Boy) dropping on December 19th and listen to "Outro" via Soundcloud (


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