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So Who Am I?” ask the ever-evolving British electrodesi pioneers Swami – the question both an extension of their own name and the impetus behind their fusion of a multicultural, multiracial, transformative electronic expression of modern identity through the only art to transcend all borders – pop music.


Their sound is unique yet instantly accessible. BBC Music, in their review of the band’s hits compilation 53431, remarked that they “have invented an entirely new type of sound”. BBC Asian Network Dipps Bhamrah describes award-winning bandleader and producer DJ Swami as an “innovator, modernizer and visionary”. His talents combined with the songwriting and vocal skills of Punjabi-Hindi-English singer Sups, frenetic rapper/singer S-Endz, and their latest recruit, the sultry-and-smoldering female vocalist Liana, form the core unit of this energetic group.


From creating the “Desi Beats” genre by blending Asian Underground dance sounds with traditional bhangra rhythms in the late 90’s, to redefining Asian music with the legendary anthem “DesiRock” in 2005 (a song that has appeared in platinum-selling video games, independent British movies and Hollywood movies alike), to taking Asian music on a globe-trotting escapade with 2007’s critically acclaimed “Equalize” and it’s singles “Hey Hey” and “Electro Jugni”, the band has successfully knocked down every barrier in their way, in a constant quest for both evolution and revolution sonically.


Spearheaded by the success of their 2009 single “Sugarless” – Radio 1 and Asian Network DJ Bobby Friction calls Swami’s new sound “the future of Asian music”. To date, the band have recorded no less than three BBC live sessions at legendary Maida Vale Studios inLondon.


In 2013, Swami have outdone themselves with a brand new album “Upgrade”. But this is not your regular release. The band have recorded two versions of the album – one entirely in English for the global pop market, and another in their previous tri-lingual blend of English, Hindi and Punjabi. Set for release in the summer/fall, this album will undoubtedly see the band scale previously unseen heights to reclaim their place as the undisputed creative progressive originators of Asian music.


Whether they are making 20,000 people in downtown Toronto dance the night away, finding themselves listed in the “Top 5 Acts to See” at the UK’s legendary Glastonbury Festival (in the company of MIA, The Arctic Monkeys and the late Amy Winehouse) or shaking dance floors in clubs from San Francisco to Mumbai with sub-bass frequencies and catchy hook after hook, the band have proved themselves comfortable on any and every stage.


In 2013, it’s time to upgrade your sound.


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