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Pat Sansone (born June 21, 1969) is a multi-instrumentalist in the rock bands Wilco and The Autumn Defense.

Sansone was born in Meridian, Mississippi. Upon entering college at The University of Southern Mississippi, Sansone found two musical kindred souls in Will Martin and Eddie Bo McRaney and started Beagle Voyage, a Minutemen/Hsker D/The Who/Rush influenced power trio, with Sansone on guitar. Sansone went on to play guitar for Stretch Armstrong, a Black Sabbath meets the Butthole Surfers rock unit. Soon after, Sansone formed the band Birdy, which included fellow Mississippians Trey Batson, Ike Marr and Glen Graham, who went on to play drums for Blind Melon. Sansone's tremendously tuned ear has led him to become a studio musician and producer. in 2000, he joined Rogers Stevens (formely of Blind Melon) to play the bass in the band Extra Virgin. His own project The Autumn Defense was formed in New Orleans in 1999 with friend John Stirratt of Wilco, and the band is responsible for three full length albums, The Green Hour in 2000, Circles in 2003, and the self-titled The Autumn Defense in 2006. Stints living in Nashville and New York resulted in Sansone's continuing activity as a producer and studio musician. He has contributed to albums by Joseph Arthur, Andrew Bird, Josh Rouse, Mavis Staples, Swan Dive, Jenifer Jackson, Ryan Adams, The Clientele, and others.

In 2004, Sansone joined Wilco right before their tour in support of their album A Ghost Is Born, following the departure of multi-instrumentalist Leroy Bach. On tour, Sansone plays guitar, keyboard, maraca, and several other instruments, as well as singing backup vocals. He was also involved in the writing and recording of Wilco's 2007 release Sky Blue Sky, and 2009 release Wilco (The Album).

In 2009 Sansone made a guest appearance on Dawes's album North Hills.

In 2010 Sansone appeared on the albums Familial by Radiohead drummer Phil Selway, Compass by Jamie Lidell, and You Are Not Alone by Mavis Staples.[3]


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