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Petals of Spain believes there’s more to life than simply existing. They don’t trudge down hard pavement sidewalks; rather, they believe in immersing themselves in the sounds,smells and colors of our world. When they look up, they see possibility in the stars. They share these beliefs through music.

 Having studied the great rock bands that came before them, Petals has its roots in the likes of Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Rufus Wainwright, Michael Jackson and Radiohead. With these influences in their ear, they add their own unique elements that merge fusion-jazz, rock, soul and pop into a refreshing style that leaves fans breathless.The result is original tracks like “Oo Mei Baba Wei”, “Shine”, and the hit single everyone is raving about “I Gotta Know”.

 Founding members Hunter Hall and Nic Hammerberg have been harmonizing together before they had their first mustache hair. Their vocal sound is steeped in experience andfamiliarity. Mason Shelmire lays down the foundation for Petals with his pulsating basslines and drummer Dylan Johnson drives the bus with a groovy back-beat. As a band, they fuse talent with creativity and drive, producing thoroughly original compositions and arrangements. Petals of Spain lives for music and they’ll settle for nothing less than sharing this love with the rest of the world.




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