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Dayquill Biography

Blake Weise, aka, Dayquill, has been at this for a while. At the age of 15, Dayquill bought his first set of turn tables, and taught himself how to mix. He blessed the fine city of Silverthorne with mostly breaks for the first couple years. Then Dayquill moved to drum and bass in about 1999/2000. Not only did he change music styles, he changed his location too. Dayquill moved to Colorado Springs to attend the University of Colorado in 2002. Shortly there-after, he met a fellow DJ named Diverse, and soon joined Turbo Alliance. Dayquill began to play a radio show called Time Served in 2004, and then moved to Denver in 2005, continuing to work on Time Served. Since his move to Denver, Dayquill joined up with the Dank Dealz Radio show and Subdotmission, and has has had many residencies, including, Cervantes, Beta, The Church, Vinyl, and Sutra.
DubStep became a passion in 2007 and he has been it playing ever since. Dayquills style is fast paced and exciting to witness. He prides himself in his flawless mixing and high energy sets. Influenced mostly be old school hiphop / gangster rap, and breaks and DnB, Dayquill always brings the heat while keeping the dance floor moving.

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