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Heart, Soul, and Rock 'n' Roll are the rare, potent blend - the perfect storm of passion that fuels Philadelphia fivesome SORAIA. Infusing their hard-hitting, no frills rock 'n' roll with soulful influences drawn from their muses, SORAIA creates songs immediately reminiscent of tunes you've been humming your entire life. Simply put,  their songs make you wanna get up and dance. Listening to SORAIA is coming back home to the open arms of authentic, real rock 'n' roll.
At the helm of this band is the force of nature that is alpha frontwoman Zou Mansour. Channeling her inner demons and gutwrenching passion, Mansour's naked with emotion vocals touch the most passive of listeners to their very core.

In the studio and on stage, each band member leaves his distinctive fingerprint on the music; but whether it's her honey-whiskey voice enveloping you in a warm embrace or her primal ferocity displayed during a live performance, it's Mansour's unyielding intensity and soul-searching lyrics which set SORAIA apart from the wannabes chasing the fame bandwagon.

Smart and funny, confident and brazen, wounded and resolved, tender and tough, leather and lace, one of the boys yet a girl's girl, everyone wants a piece of Zou. Nowhere is the true ZouZou Mansour more visible than on stage during one of SORAIA's ferociously energetic, intoxicating live shows. Whether in a hot, sweaty rock club or a massive amphitheatre, her charisma and spirit transcends the concert stage and reaches all those who witness SORAIA live.

SORAIA is the real deal, focused on songwriting, sacrifice...sweat. SORAIA is about the music and the sweet release it brings when you give yourself over and lose yourself to it. Mansour's primal vocals and seductive presence onstage is hypnotic. Together with the band, SORAIA live is a loud, raunchy, dirty eruption of flesh and sound: all the allure and danger rock 'n' roll promised to be.

The band has traversed the United States since 2007, playing clubs and festivals, improving their live performances and building their fan base. Making a life in rock 'n' roll these days ain't easy. None of the old rules apply, except one. Success is built the hard way: through work, focus and passion.

SORAIA is the presence of rock 'n' roll and the future of rock 'n' roll.

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