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Loneliest Generation is the debut record from Harper Blynn. Produced by David Kahne (The Strokes, Regina Spektor, Paul McCartney), the album was recorded over 10 days in New York City.
Harper Blynn is comprised of a half-Jewish state champion baseball player from Chicago (Pete Harper), a curly-haired choir boy from Philadelphia (J.Blynn), a first-generation Indian from Long Island (Sarab Singh) and a tall Dutchman (Whynot - yes that is his name). In other words, a New York City band. Choir boy and Indian man started making music in middle school. Baseball player joined up when he met choir boy on his first day in college. Choir boy, Indian man and baseball player moved to New York City in 2006 and met Dutchman, and thus, Harper Blynn was born.
The band began playing every week on the lower east side of Manhattan and quickly generated a loyal fanbase on the strength of their live show. Out of the buzz generated in New York City, the band hit the road independently and began touring nationally in the U.S. and overseas in the U.K.  Paste Magazine named Harper Blynn their #1 new discovery of the 2009 CMJ festival, saying, "despite their Brooklyn address and hipster credentials, there's nothing remotely indie rock about the band-the harmonies recall Simon & Garfunkel, and the melodies would make Elvis Costello proud."
Writing songs that prove it is possible to be both modern and timeless, Harper Blynn prompted The Chicagoist to write, "...they fulfill all of your hipstery band-approval needs... but they never come across as trying to prove that they belong in the fickle world of indie rock. They don't have to, chiefly because their brand of polished, thoughtful pop will never go out of style."
All of Harper Blynn's four band members sing, bringing a unified and powerful emotional energy to the music.  Lead vocals are shared between the two songwriters, Pete Harper and J.Blynn.  Capturing the raw power of their live shows, Loneliest Generation is unapologetically hopeful and unafraid to challenge detachment and disillusionment.  The album opens with "25 Years," a reminder that no one should be afraid to pursue the life they want.  "The Doubt" starts with a deceptively minimal arrangement where the honest lyrics and gorgeously unadorned vocal performance provide an insight into the album's title.
On this debut record and in every live show, the band plays the hell out of their instruments and sings the hell out of their songs.


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