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Stronger and louder than ever before, The Say So is complete with Sean Palmer on vocals/guitar, Noah Fisher on guitar, Chris Beeble on bass/keys, and Robbie Spradling on drums. Palmer, Beeble, and Spradling met during their high school years in Arvada, CO, and welcomed Fisher last spring.

Ever since their previous project En Plein Air, they have developed over time and now thrive on driving emotions and guitar riffs deep and faster paced to unsettle and awaken their audience.

Their newly released EP, Something Like Wild, is a tribute to the hard work and patience the boys have endured; for example, the fact they engineered, mixed, and produced the album on their own. The title, Something Like Wild, comes from a lyric in the opening track, "Criminal," but suggests one of the most prevalent themes for the entire album: breaking the monotony, violently and aggressively if necessary, anything to shake their audience. This album contains their highest energy yet, and each track drives a distinct story of heartache, anger, or frustration to the core.

The Say So is mindful to create sounds and themes derived from their own experiences. The heavy indie-rock sound is layered with raw lyrics that expose the raw hearts of the guys who wrote their songs together. Containing both social, religious, and personal criticisms and reflections, The Say So aims straight for the heart and hits without mistake on every track.


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