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Inraen Biography

Like the diversity found in all of creation, INRÆN produces a wide variety of musical styles in order to explore the boundaries of infinite creative expression. One minute the trance like harmonies and rhythms will have the listener tapping into areas of their 6th dimensional consciousness. The next minute the listener will be on the edge of their skin, itching to rip it off to the sound of dark, unresolved anger thats almost too real for the feeble minded. If you must create an overall image of what to expect in order to protect your rambling ego, expect to be surprised. You may hear anything from clean space funk to brutal gut metal all within the same set. Through the ever changing temperament of their sound, INRÆN strongly resembles the unpredictable weather patterns of their home town, Denver, Colorado, where they have taken the music scene by storm and shocked the minds of highly diverse crowds. Don't miss this up and coming band.

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