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DJ David Starfire Biography

David Starfire is a producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. His production style is eclectic, fusing world music with dance and hip hop and everything in between. He's developed quite a following and his unique sound is catching the ears of music fans across the globe.

David is signed with the internationally known label Six Degrees Records, home to artists such as The Orb, Bebel Gilberto, Cheb i Sabbah, Karsh Kale, Midival Punditz, Michael Franti, DJ Spooky and many others. He's released 2 records through them, "Bollyhood Bass" in 2010 and "Bombay Beatz" in 2007. His tunes have been played on BBC, NPR, National Geographic, XM radio and various stations around the world.

David's heritage is Creole and he follows in the footsteps of his grandfather, Oscar Rouzan, who was a famous horn player in New Orleans and played with the likes of Paul Simon, Pete Fountain, Al Hirt and numerous other great artists. His aunt is Wanda Rouzan, who is also well known in the New Orleans jazz scene as one of the premier musical ambassadors. David started playing the guitar at 8 and by 17, he was composing, producing and recording songs in his bedroom on a 4-track and could play 5 instruments. He then became enthralled with electronic music and gravitated towards computer music production using sampling and drum machines. By 19, David was in a signed band and touring with the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Filter and Skinny Puppy. After a brief solo career in NYC and several bands later, David moved to San Francisco and was part of the critically acclaimed band Cellophane Masses. Soon thereafter, his interest shifted towards producing world music and started incorporating rich, textured world music sounds with electronic music.

His signature sound landed him several DJ gigs at large scale international festivals all over the world such as Winter Music Conference, Coachella, Love Parade, the Forum, Musikmesse, Electric Picnic, Shambhala, Harmony, Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle, Lovevolution and Earthdance. He's performed at private parties and conventions for Lucas films, Virgin Galactic, Roland, Digg, MacWorld, Flaunt Magazine, CAA and others. He's had DJ tours in the US, India, Canada and Europe with rave reviews. He also sets himself apart from other DJ's by playing bass guitar and electronic hand drums during his set and for certain show incorporates a live band with vocalists.

David's songs are featured on several CD compilations such as Lonely Planet, Red Bull, Craig's List, Six Degrees and many others. He has songs featured on several Bellydance DVD's such as Sharon Kihara's "Bellydance Superstar" DVD and Sera's "East Coast Tribal" DVD. He's licensed songs to video games, TV and cable programs such as Lie to Me (FOX), ESPN2, Fox Sports, MTV, MTV2, Fuse, Showtime, HBO and EA sports. He co-wrote and produced the 12" of the industrial dance song "Radiation", which was featured on the national top 20 independent dance charts. Over the years, David has collaborated with FreQ Nasty, Ooah (Glitch Mob), MC 900 Ft Jesus, Information Society, American Music Club, Wire Train and members of Beck.

Currently David is touring in support of his new album "Bollyhood Bass" and writing new material. He's also busy producing and co-writing songs for female rapper iCatching and performing audio/visual shows with VJ Culture under the name StarCulture.


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