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Fierce Bad Rabbit Biography

Formed in the spring of 2009, Fierce Bad Rabbit has quickly garnered the respect of their peers, drawn in a loyal fan base, and generated a buzz among the local industry. Although the band may be new to the scene, the group consists of some of the most recognizable and talented musicians in Fort Collins.

Front man Chris Anderson formed the indie rock quartet after the demise of the popular Colorado band, the Jimi Austin. After spending time in Africa, where he wrote songs including Mon Ami, he returned with a renewed energy to his music. A chance meeting with Arliss Nancy bass player Dayton Hicks, Stella Luce front woman and violist Alana Rolfe, and original Tickle Me Pink drummer Adam Pitner grew into one of the most exciting and original collaborations to hit the scene in a long time.An explosion of inspiration ensued and Fierce Bad Rabbit was able to knock out an amazing 8-song album of quality music in only a few months.

Their self-titled debut album was so highly anticipated that the release of their first single, Everything is Alright, had received statewide radio airplay before the record was finished. Spawning such other hits as Sink Like a Stone and Love Keeps Us Tough, the group and the album are poised to take the Colorado music scene by storm.

Drawing influences from the Arcade Fire, the Shins, and Waylon Jennings, Fierce Bad Rabbit have blended their backgrounds into an orchestrated full sound that translates into enjoyable music for the listener. Named after the beloved Beatrix Potter children's book, the band looks to tour regionally and nationally in the next year.

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