Ploy For Extinction
Ploy For Extinction Dates

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Ploy For Extinction Biography

Ploy for Extinction is an original metal band from Denver, Colorado that was formed in late 2008. The band currently consists of co-founder Matt Mainey (vocals), co-founder Matt Fagan (guitars), Mike Tuley (drums), Andrew Pettitt (bass), and Gregg Block (guitars).  Ploy for Extinction recorded their first EP, Equality Lies Below, with producer Dave Oter (Platline Audio) in October 2009.  Known for agressive and energy filled live performances along with their thrashy yet melodic music styles, Ploy for Extinction has quickly made both local and national impact.  With a vicious vocal array that is complemented by highly technical and blazingly fast guitar riffs, machine-like double bass, all backed bby solid bass lows, Ploy for Extinction holds the potential to unite genres, inspire new listeners and is the reckoning that metal so desparately needs.

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