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Zobomaze Biography

The local Denver/Boulder band Zobomazé began in late 2008 with a vision to create funkadelic dance music that the crowds would all enjoy. The band consists of Sean Dandurand (bass), Michael Paff (drums), Zach Simms (saxophone) and Doug Litvak (guitar). The band came together and immediately began creating progressive, psychedelic, funk music.

Doug Litvak began his journey on this earth in 1990 and picked up the guitar ten years later. He initially began playing metal, but soon he realized his passion for funk and jam music.  Doug almost exhausted his search for musicians he felt he could truly create something special with, but the fates were kind enough to guide him to "Zobomazé."  He has been happily jamming funk since.  Funk yeah, brethren.

Sean "Dandu" Dandurand started his musical adventure at the tender age of four. With deep roots in classical music, Dandu finds a way to infuse the sounds and technologies of today's metal/funk/jam and dance styles into a hybrid musical soundscape with no boundaries. Whether it's a melodic chord, a crunchy slap, or a tasty thump, it can be guaranteed that he will deliver the funk.

Zach Simms began playing saxophone in classical and jazz settings around the age of ten.  He sensed the infinite possibilities of music as he began to experiment playing in a more rock/funk setting.  He now utilizes an effects pedal that varies the horn's sound, and it compliments his unique style perfectly.  Zach adds the smooth flow to compliment even the bumpiest groove, and the raging ruckus that brings the party to life.

Michael Paff feels the beauty that envelopes all life can be revealed through music - especially it's most ancient form, and a band like Zobomazé's driving force â€" percussion.   Sensing wonder at having all four of his limbs play counter-rhythms, he knows the tribal beats will move his body and yours.


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