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They tear through acrobatic fills with immodest aplomb. More than acrobatic, the flourishes come unannounced and at paralyzing volume. Rhythmic intelligence itself isn't enough to melt this much face. Matt Whyte's ballsy vocals, the never-cheated transitions, the sly way the song switches to swung-feel for a finale and then quotes "Dig a Pony"-- that's the stuff that makes the flames extra fiery."

â€"Pitchfork Media

Whether or not Earl Greyhound are the Next Big Thing is irrelevantâ€"watching them will convince you that they are.

â€"The New Yorker

"This band can crush your favorite band...As heavy as Led Zeppelin, but way less obnoxious, Earl Greyhound update traditional hard rock by leaving out the crotch-happy swagger, with terrific results. Fronted by excitable guitarist Matt Whyte, the New York trio seem happiest when they're trying to simulate an earthquake on the pounding "S.O.S.," though even the Beatles-esque "Good" produces a wicked rumble. For that, credit rude drummer Ricc Sheridan, who cheerfully tries to demolish each song, regardless of style."

â€"SPIN Magazine (4 Stars)

"A roadhouse riff-rock monster so unbelievably brawny it sounds like it's crushing beer kegs on its forehead."


"You can tell by the way Earl Greyhound pistol-whip the middle of Monkey in chopped-up meter, Black Dog style, that they are here to get the Led out."

â€"Rolling Stone


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