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Politic Biography

Adj: Using or marked by prudence, expedience, and shrewdness; artful. These are the words that fuel Matt Thomason (drums) and Kyle Galanaugh (Vocals, Guitar, Piano) for Denver, Colorado based band called Politic. Music seems to be only the surface of this passion driven group. Not on a "political" level, but a "quality of life" foundation that spreads passionate music to bring out untouched thoughts of the listener. Being compared to Muse, Radiohead and Pink Floyd, Politic carves it's originality in the minds of the unexpected fan seeking a mixed sound of old and new.

Lead singer Kyle Galanaugh began his solo career in Denver in early 2003. By 2008, Kyle was named as one of "Colorado's Top Ten Bands" (KTCL 93.3 Clear Channel) in 2008. However, in Kyle's journey of his solo career he encountered Matt Thomason (drums). Matt would lead Kyle to abandon his solo act for a bigger idea. "He had too much to offer to continue my pop driven solo career... I felt our our minds ticked on the same clock" says Kyle.

In January 2010 Politic began production of the bands first full length record. With a late summer release in mind, these two 25 year old men attempt to walk on ground that some consider dangerous. Pushing the envelope of common song structures and radio trendy melody's, Politic is approaching the perfect balance between originality and marketability.

Politic's purpose is to provoke the minds of the listener while guiding them to change the ways the loyal fan makes everyday choices.

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