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Gangcharger Biography

Gangcharger's music sounds like it was created by a splinter cell of a futuristic resistance movement. The headlong momentum and incandescent, cutting sound of the guitar on so many of its songs convey a sense of desperation coupled with absolute certainty. The images and noises of urban decay and heavy industry are suggested even in the moments when the band engages in gorgeously thorny melodies. Mixing the dusky with the bright and a gritty intensity with menacing emotional atmospheres, Gangcharger's sound is a focused beam of perilous energy. Deftly incorporating claustrophobic dynamics with passages of stark spaciousness, this foursome writes music that is anything but predictable. Based in Denver, Gangcharger's edgy, insistent spirit can be heard on every track of its full-length album, Free Exhaust. Immediate touchstones would be the blistering psychedelia of Magik Markers, Sonic Youth's inspired imperfection and the prickly fluidity of Bailter Space. Amid a flurry of sonic shrapnel and spark-streaming electrodes, Ethan Ward's feral incantations serve as the perfect complement to how Paige Peterson's vocals cut through everything with cool confidence. Noise rockers with a keen sense of musicality, Gangcharger exerts a raw, powerful sound with an imaginative nuance.

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