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Self titled to avoid confusion, Death of the Neighbourhood's debut album 'Death of The Neighbourhood' runs to thirty two tracks over two beautifully packaged CDs, a stunning mix of f*cked up vocal distortion, tear-to-the-eye ballads and evocative, string laden instrumentals.

Death of the Neighbourhood is self-explanatory. We all know the neighbourhood's dying. It's buggered, on its last legs, maybe even dead already. By its grave there's some idiot selling Heat Magazine, with a free pullout of freak celebrities with leaking tits and it's all pretty unfixable. You've got kids happy-slapping and stabbing you for 'interfering' and you can't even tell a grown-up to turn off his mobile in the cinema without the threat of death.

Coincidentally, 'DEATH' is the first word of this spanking brand new project. Not 'death' in a bad way, but in a 'living life to the full' kind of way. Check the first single 'Cokeholes', a celebration of the ills of society, wrapped in a cacophony of beautifully warped sound. Disturbed Pop at its wonderful worst, laced with, as Rakim said, 'lyrics of fury'.

'Death of the Neighbourhood' is an electronic punk album, a two chord manic maniac messianic monster throttling death by the neck before giving it the kiss of life and making MUSIC, "the most beautiful f*cking thing in the goddamn world".

The monster sounding the rapturous death knell behind DOTN is Stephen Jones, one of the most prolific and original songwriters this country has ever produced. He once sold two million records, with his early albums going to Number 1 in the NME charts and nine singles all going proper Top 40. Lucky Bastard.

ATIC's involvement with Stephen Jones began when he wrote and performed vocals on 'Good Disease', a song from Aim's 2002 LP, 'Hinterland'. "We stayed in touch" says Andy Turner (aka Aim aka ATIC label boss), "and Stephen was the first person I called when I started ATIC Records. He sent me four CDs full of incredibly moving, heartfelt music and we spent the next few months listening through the tracks and deciding which to include on the album. This is a very important release for us".

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