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Charlotte Hatherley
Charlotte Hatherley Dates

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Charlotte Hatherley Biography

Charlotte was a working rock guitarist even before she left her West London high school. Working towards her A levels during the day, the 15-year old was playing loud, scungy gigs round the London club scene with the proto-riot girl group, Nightnurse.
Aged sweet 17, Charlotte joined Northern Irish rockers Ash, her guitars adding beef to their heavy schedule of live performances. She had two weeks in a rehearsal studio before making her Ash debut at the V97 Festival in front of an audience of 50,000!

Her first studio recording with Ash was on the 1997 single 'A Life Less Ordinary', then on the 1998 album 'Nu-Clear Sounds'. Just as touring the world became normal for her, so did Charlotte's cool persona and driving talent become a solid feature of the 'new Ash'.

Writing on the road

Whilst on the road she was inspired to start writing songs of her own. Her first song 'Taken Out' appeared as a B-side on the 1998 Ash single 'Jesus Says', and 'Gonna Do It Soon' was on the 'Wild Surf' single of the same year. Fans really started to take notice when her song 'Grey Will Fade' appeared on the 2001 single 'There's A Star' from Ash's 2001 No. 1 album 'Free All Angels'. Reaction to the song came as a surprise and a challenge to Charlotte (when Ash fans vote for their favourite B sides, 'Grey Will Fade' regularly appears among the top 5), so she decided to write a whole album of songs.

But writing, recording demos and organising the album had to be done while Ash continued their punishing non-stop schedule. It wasn't until the group settled in Los Angeles for a few months in 2003 to record 'Meltdown' that Charlotte was able to get together with her chosen producer Eric Drew Feldman (once part of legendary Captain Beefheart's Magic Band and Frank Black's solo producer), drummer Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey, Marianne Faithful) and top recording engineer Rob Laufer to put down the ten tracks that would form her first solo album, also entitled 'Grey Will Fade'.

Grey Will Fade

In summer 2004 Charlotte commenced an 18 month tour of the world with Ash, launched her own website with a free download single 'Kim Wilde' and then followed that up with her next single 'Summer' which entered the UK national chart at 31. She also found the time to play the headline slot on the Red Marquee stage at Fuji rock in Japan and play second headline on the Carling Stage at Reading and Leeds festival in the summer of 2005. In February 2006, after 9 years of playing together, Ash and Charlotte parted ways and she threw herself into the recording of her next solo album, 'The Deep Blue'.
The Deep Blue

Written and recorded in Italy in the summer of 2006, the album develops beyond the post-punk melodies of Grey Will Fade, to a grander more elaborate sound with influences ranging from Kate Bush to David Bowie and Scott Walker. In addition to this ambitious new musical direction, Charlotte co-wrote a remarkable collaboration with one of her musical heroes, XTC's Andy Partridge, and nearly exploded with pride as another hero, Sir David Bowie, gave her single 'Behave' glowing approval.

After spending most of 2007 touring extensively with her band Charlotte is now ready to record her third album in South London with Sir Luke Smith, formerly of Clor, which is to be released at the end of 2008 on her own label, 'Little Sister Records'. Adding to her frenzied schedule she has also been playing guitar with Mr Roxy Music, Sir Bryan Ferry, and Electro vixens Client, AS WELL as DJ-ing whenever the hell she can in London Town.

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