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Aloft In The Sundry Biography

"Aloft in the Sundry's success in Denver's All Ages market is kind of odd: Surrounded by hordes of left-over Emo and MetalCore bands, the quartet has managed to carve a niche for its florid, uncategorizable music…Aloft in the Sundry avoid excessive theatricality in favor of tense, aggressive songcraft and enough heart-scalded abandon to keep things continually off kilter and surprising." -The Onion, A.V. Club

"Aloft in the Sundry's greatest feat was simply taking the stage. With all four members apparently plucked from different generations of rock, Aloft in the Sundry have a sound all their own." -Rachel Villanueva, DU Magazine

" seems poised to break through, Aloft in the Sundry. More than a year ago, my buddy Guv turned me on to these guys, swearing up and down that I'd dig 'em. I didn't. The material incorporated elements of spoken-word poetry, which struck me as a little too artsy. Fast-forward to now: The outfit just released Modestine, a brand-new album recorded at the Blasting Room, filled with melodramatic, piano-based pop in line with Panic! at the Disco that's infinitely more compelling." â€" Dave Herrera, The Westword

"I've started expecting new bands with keyboards to be slow and dull, and I was thrilled to be wrong!" -mykel,

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