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"Club Nouveau", under the direction of musical masterminds "JAY KING" and "VALERIE WATSON", is perhaps one of the most distinctive and original groups to influence the contemporary music scene. Since their formation in 1986, the group has sold over (10) ten million records, toured worldwide, charted 11 Billboard hit singles and garnered numerous awards & prestigious nominations.

It was King who created a new chapter in musical history when he independently produced, pressed, marketed and promoted the Platinum selling smash "Rumors" by the "Timex Social Club" (on his own "Jay Records"). "Rumors" turned into the BIGGEST selling 12" inch single in history. The "Timex Social Club" ended up parting ways, but King remained undaunted. He went on to put together a collection of talented local musicians and formed his own band.

Singer/songwriter/arranger, "Valerie Watson" and producer/singer/songwriter and entrepreneur, "Jay King" formed the group "Club Nouveau". Their debut album, "Life, Love & Pain", was a Certified Phenomenon. Beginning with the single "Jealousy", which raced onto the "Top Ten Charts" in ten short weeks. It was then followed by "Situation No. 9", which shot to the Top Five in even less time. Lighting then struck a third time when the young ensemble recorded their updated version of the "Bill Withers" classic "Lean On Me".

"Club Nouveau" found themselves with the hottest Pop/R&B/Dance crossover hit of that year! "Lean On Me" not only dominated the charts at No. 1 for five consecutive weeks, It also was named "Song Of The Year" at the 1987 "Grammy Awards". In addition, "Club Nouveau" was nominated in the "Best R&B Vocal Performance By A Duo Or Group" category and landed a pair of "American Music Award" nominations and two "NARM" nomination's for the multi-platinum album project, "Life, Love & Pain". "BAM" Magazine named "Jay King" as one of the "100 Most Influential People" in the music business and he was one of the "Top Black Single Publishers" honored by Billboard that year.

The fourth single from "Life, Love & Pain" was the Drum Driven Funk track "Why You Treat Me So Bad" which charted at No. 2 on Billboard. This was 4 of 4 for the "Club". Four singles, Four Top Ten Hits, exposing yet another Facet of "Club Nouveau". Considering the fact that "Club Nouveau" was in the infancy of their careers, It becomes quite apparent as to the "Legacy" that was quickly evolving.

Not one to rest on laurels however, the group went on to release a second album titled "Listen To The Message". It revealed music with a more social-political theme compared to thier Debut Lp. "Listen To The Message" spawned the singles "It's A Cold Cold World" (which went to No. 25 on the R&B charts) the single "Envious" (which landed at No. 76) and "For The Love Of Francis" a "Club Nouveau" fan favorite.

Fans were pleasantly surprised as the press made comparisons to the likes of "Tracy Chapman" and "Terence Trent D'Arby". "Club Nouveau" then toured Worldwide and sold out Venue's everywhere. After extensive touring, "Club Nouveau" returned to the States to record their third album on the "Warner Bros. Record" label titled "Under A Nouveau Groove". The track "No Friend Of Mine" went to chart at No. 12 on the R&B charts and featured a guest appearance from the "Boo-Ya Tribe".

The legacy continued with the release of "A New Beginning", which saw the remake of "Oh Happy Day" go to No. 40 on the R&B charts. The second single was the awe-inspiring ballad "When Will You Come Back To Me". A HOT track & video that Jay & Valerie sing co-lead on. Other heart-pounding tracks such as "Mary", "Fool For Your Love"and "Watch Your Step" are also Fan Favorites (although the tracks were never officially released as singles).

The album "Everything Is Black", spawned the hit single "Let It Go" which charted at No. 101 on Billboard. Both "New" & "Everything" was released on the group's own "JVK Records" imprint. "Club Nouveau" is not just a group", expresse's "Jay King". "Our music marks an era and still boasts a one-on one, very intimate relationship with the hearts of millions". "Club Nouveau" is an Energy Field that just keeps evolving. "Passion, Depth, and Warmth...." The music of "Club Nouveau" reigns on.......

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