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Trinere Biography

Born and raised in Miami Florida, Trinere always knew that she wanted to sing professionally since the age of five. Trinere graduated from North Miami Beach Senior High School. Upon graduating, Trinere went on to study music at the University of Miami. Trinere was influenced and inspired by legendary Donna Summer, Natalie Cole, and Phillis Hyman. Other favorites of Trinere's were Madonna, and Janet Jackson. During her college years, Trinere was the lead vocalist for a popular band in Coconut Grove, Florida, called "Euphoria". Upon finishing her studies at UM, Trinere spent some time working in Buffalo, New York, with the legendary funk master Rick James and the Mary Jane Girls. Trinere met electro/freestyle producer Tony Butler in 1985, who was best known as an up and coming Electro producer in the Miami area, and Tony was making quite a name for himself. The similarity between the type of Electro/Hip-Hop Tony Butler was producing and Freestyle was so close that it was inevitable for Tony Butler to cross genres and experiment with Freestyle music. That experiment turned out to be one the best decisions he ever made. With Trinere's dynamic voice, striking beauty, and ability to captivate an audience with her energetic presence and dance moves on the stage, and Pretty Tony's ingenious creativity, these two were truly the first to create the "true" Miami sound. This sound is known today as "Freestyle". After joining forces, these two became a force to be reckoned with in the Miami/South Florida area. Upon the release of her first single, "All Night," a Freestyle classic was instantly born and Trinere became the reigning diva of the Miami Freestyle scene. Being natives of Miami, where there is a heavy carribean/latin influence, Pretty Tony was able to incorporate sounds that would captivate and solidify a large latin fan base, which spread all over the U.S., Europe, and South America, with Brazil being Trinere's favorite. With hits on the charts and selling millions of records around the world, Trinere began to tour extensively. Later that year, Trinere followed her success of her first single with How Can We Be Wrong, and Can't Get Enough. A remix for All Night was also released. With 3 successful Freestyle singles under his belt, the logical next step was to release a full-length album. In 1986, Music Specialists/Jam Packed Records released the self-titled album by Trinere. The album contained not only the 3 popular songs she had already released but also three other tracks which would become classic Freestyle anthems: I Know You Love Me, They're Playing Our Song, and I'll Be All You Ever Need. These hits have amazing lasting power, with all of them still receiving radio airplay today. This is why Trinere is still the reigning Diva of Freestyle music. The three additional singles from the album helped carry Trinere into 1987. Pandisc is the label that Trinere is best known for. Pandisc released two more hits out of Trinere including Can't Stop The Beat, which was the biggest hit Trinere had for Pandisc Records. In 1989, Trinere and Pretty Tony had a son, Brandon C. Butler. In 1993, the last single that Trinere would release would be "When I Hear Music," a remix of another Pretty Tony production with Debbie Deb. Trinere says that "Pretty Tony put his foot in this one." Trinere is currently preparing for her new project, to be released in 2007. Trinere says that the time away from the music industry allowed her the time to strengthen and build her family life, and most of all, her relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Not only will her music make you "Rock to the Rhythm," but now it will uplift your spirit and soul, and take "Freestyle Music" to a dimension it has yet to experience. God didn't make her the Queen for nothing.


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