Torch Dates

Sorry, there are no Torch dates.

Torch Biography

Torch was formed in Trondheim, Norway in 1999, and started out as
a nu-metal act. Influenced by bands like Korn and Snot, they slowly
rose to the surface of metal-Norway. Their first release was the EP
"Visions of" in 2003, which was followed up by a Norwegian
tour (with Miksha and Turdus Musicus)and a UK tour.

In 2005 they signed with Norwegian label Kong Tiki Records(/Playground),
and then released their first album "Death to Perfection" in 2006.
It got great reviews all over the country, and as a result they played
the biggest festivals that year and was signed by the German-based
label ZYX/Golden Core later that year.
The label released "Death To Perfection" throughout Europe.

A few line-up changes has been done, and now in 2008, the band has
decided to continue with only four members. (the core of the band
that's kept it going since 2003). In the beginning of 2008 they entered
the studio again for the pre-production of their next release. And in
May they went in to record the album. This release is pretty special
for 2008, but more info on that later.

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