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A theatrical experience with true spiritual and mystical flavours - A dynamic journey through the colours, scents and flavours of India with performers from all around the country, 700 costumes, giant video projections, authentic scenery, dance, music, martial arts, acrobatics, tears and laughter. AEG Live is proud to present the UK debut of the stunning stage show BHARATI.   Visiting London's Hammersmith Apollo for one night only on 23rd October 2008, BHARATI is a music and dance spectacle that brings together the multiple aspects that make India such an exuberant and energising experience.Prepare to be overwhelmed by graceful, beautiful and energetic dancers who are offering the sensuality and sincerity of Indian traditional and classical choreography, combined with the tempo and force of contemporary dance movements. The musical score of the show features both original music, composed and arranged just for BHARATI and some of the most popular songs from hit Bollywood films.  Through live performances by an orchestra of violinists and percussionists and a choir and talented solo vocalists, the sound of India is brought to life.Using ancient Sanskrit theatrical and narrative traditions wherein the narrator holds the threads of the tale, you will be guided through a simple but contemporary tale of love and wonder, punctuated by a mix of fourteen songs and dances. Over the space of ninety minutes, be prepared to be guided through a brief but scintillating sampling of India's rich and breathtaking diversity.The story follows the journey of a man called Siddharth. A young engineer born in India and brought up in America, Siddharth gets an assignment to go to the holy city of Varanasi to work on the cleaning project of the river Ganges. Though cynical and contemptuous of all Indian things, a westerner in every sense, he realises while being in India that something is missing in his life and finds himself attracted to the mysterious and elusive Bharati. Bharati introduces him to the wonders of India and opens his eyes to the culture, Siddharth who had come to cleanse the Ganga of its pollution, ends up discovering himself and the meaning of love. Bharati awakens in Siddharth a yearning to connect with his roots; it is a powerful story of homecoming.A truly ambitious production, crafted and honed over several years, BHARATI is an innovative and spectacular show that has been sharing Indian popular culture with the world.  Having already enjoyed enormous success in France, Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium and Switzerland this show is now presenting UK audiences a chance to enjoy this theatrical wonder."Bharati is a complete spectacle that elevates pure enthusiasm. The audiences frantically tap their hands applauding the graceful feminine choreographies, the energetic male dancers and the martial artists. Spectators hands and feet go along with the tremendous rhythms of drums, violins and sitar, all of which are performed by the excellent instrumentalists." Le Parisien, France."Bharati is hypnotising with its colours, sounds and dances that unify the treasures, vitality and joy of a singular country in an unforgettable Stageshow." Musik & Buhne, Vienna."Powerfully virtuous, incredibly precise and amazingly fast paced dancing show-breathtaking swordfights and ceremonial rites-old and new mix themselves together to a kaleidoscope of swirling pictures and puzzling tableau" Die Welt, Hamburg.Featuring amazing sights and sounds, on Thursday 11th of March at Hammersmith Apollo, London, BHARATI will bring alive the subcontinent's power and passion and get you on your feet!

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