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Nicolette was born in Scotland UK to Nigerian parents. Although she was born with an exceptional gift for music which manifested almost immediately, this talent was further nurtured by her father, who exposed Nicolette and her siblings to to a wide selection of varying genres of music (including Classical, Jazz, Blues, Country, Musicals, Traditional African, Traditional English, George Formby, and all and everything in between!) and made them learn, record, play and perform music from a very early age. This engendered an extraordinary discipline and confidence in Nicolette that was to stand her in good stead later in her musical career, which started after she returned from a 2 year sojourn in Paris. There, she had earned her living as an artists model because she had been too shy to sing! On her return to the UK (Cardiff, Wales) she started doing cabaret gigs with here sister under the name Les Voix Jumelles, did Jazz standard gigs in restaurants, and later formed a jazz-funk band with some friends. On hearing some of the new electronic dance music that was starting to filter through from the new rave and dance scenes, she decided she wanted to be part of what to her was a beautiful new contemporary Jazz scene, and to that end, moved to London immediately. On arrival she auditioned for breakbeat pioneers Shut Up And Dance and was signed to their label on the spot. Her first release with them, double A-sided single "Single-minded People/School Of The World" (1990) was a dancefloor smash hit and earned Nicolette a huge amount of fans. Several singles and an album (Now Is Early", 1992) later, Nicolette's career had definitely launched into success through both crowd- and critic-pleasing music and gigs, and she was even considered to support Prince on tour. Her amazing and distinctive voice began to be widely described as "Billie Holliday on acid" (!) perhaps due to its distinctive mellifluous, siren-like yet innocent quality.

On the strength of these triumphs, Bristol group Massive Attack invited Nicolette to co-write and sing on two songs ("Sly" and" Three") on their 2nd album, "Protection" (1994). This was a huge success, bringing Nicolette's popularity and career to new levels. She went on to tour with Massive Attack for a year whilst writing her next album. In 1995, after a bidding war amongst several labels, Nicolette finally signed to Polygram's famous "Talkin Loud" label. Working with the best producers of the time, she released several singles (amongst which the classic "No Government" (1995)), and an album "Let No-One Live Rent Free In Your Head" (1996). These were unanimously applauded by critics (also winning many "best album" and "best single" accolades) as well as great commercial successes. As a result, Nicolette and her band spent the next two years touring the world, which included playing at the world-famous Montreux Jazz festival and Glastonbury music festival.

Meanwhile, Nicolette was asked by the !K7 label to participate in their famous "DJ Kicks" series. She agreed and did a a double CD DJ mix with a bonus track (Nicolette DJ Kicks, 1997) on the label. This kick-started her DJ career, as she immediately began to be offered DJ gigs worldwide due to the success of the release. To this day, Nicolette still DJs extensively, and has DJed in places as diverse as Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Canada, and China, as well practically every country in Europe.
In 1988, !K7 built on the success of Nicolette's DJ mix by re-releasing her first album, "Now Is Early". This pleased Nicolette's established fanbase as well as garnering her new fans. That same year, Nicolette decided to leave "Talkin Loud" for pastures new. In 1999, she set up her own label, Early Records, and commenced work on her third album. Due to her touring schedules, running the label and having to learn to use technical equipment, the album took four years to make and was finally ready in 2004. Programmed, engineered, produced and mostly written by Nicolette, her 3rd album, "Life Loves Us' was released to great worldwide acclaim and attention in 2005 and 2006 (depending on country). For an independent label release it was a major success. Nicolette's latest release to date was in December 2007, when the "Great Stuff" label re-released her seminal hit "No Government" with remixes by Tocadisco and Mekossa and Megablast.

Nicolette is currently working on her as yet untitled 4th album. In the meantime, people continue to enjoy her large and varied body of work, which also includes collaborations with distinguished artists such as Plaid and Banggang (and many more) on their own projects, and songs on many, many compilations worldwide. Naturally, her music has been featured extensively on film and TV, most notably on the films "Mission Impossible" and "City of Industry".

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