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Ladies and Gentleman,

When one thinks of hot rhythms, swervin' baselines, and dance wizardry, the name Bird Peterson surfaces again and again. He is the boy genius who has tickled the hearts of every club, DJ, mix tape, radio show, and blog that he has been in contact with. A true hero, Mr. Peterson is here to remind the world that there are still many fresh and vibrant new acts in dance music, his being of main focus. The so called "Wizard of the Dance Scene", Mr. Peterson, or Andrew Hoke as he is sometimes known, is a beacon of hope in a world filled with aimless baselines, distorted synths, improperly used acapellas, and thin kicks. His sound is as majestic as the horse he rode in on, complete with dazzling saddle and urban flintcraw.

The story of Bird Peterson and his conquests begins in the depths of Houston, Texas. Bird Pete, or "Old Shep" as he has been called, began enjoying dance music at a very young age. His parents made him go to skating rinks to get him out of the house so they could have sex. Bird found that taking his anger and confusion to the rinks was the only way he could properly fill the void left by his folks. This void was later filled by boobs. But he enjoyed the smell of new skates, the sounds of Battletoads coming from the arcade room, the taste of Birch Beer (a crude combination of Big Red and Coca-cola), and the thriving sounds of the duo Wrex - N - Effect.

When he was older, he began his torrid love affair with turntables. He enjoyed hip hop, house, and breakbeat. But his real love was drum and bass. He began to make these tunes in his spare time, but to no avail, for American girls don't like Jungle. So he applied everything he knew to Street Jams, Two Step, House, and Baltimore Club. And like a cold kiss at the end of a warm fist, history was made.

Peterson began to take the world by storm with his original takes on classics by The Who, The Wu-Tang Clan, Busta Rhymes, Big Country, Biggie, Mos Def, Chicago, Black Sabbath, Lil Wayne, Future Sounds Of London and many, many more. This prompted originals like his debut LP "Give Em Hell, Bird" and follow up "Hot Noise", both underground hits. They also gave way to his golden hit vinyls "Solid Trunk" on Nastymix, "The Plays EP" on Flamin Hotz, and "SES Vol One" on SES Records, as well as upcoming EPs on Real Monsters, Hot Sports Action, and his return to SES. This thrust of hot jams has led to him working on exclusives for acts like Cadence Weapon, Blaqstarr, Ocelot, Tittsworth, The AKAs, Cupid, Malente & Dexter, Burlesque, 215:TFK, and a hell of a lot more. These tracks have seen the sweet love of everyone from Diplo to Crookers, from Hot Chip to MSTRKRFT. And they reach more and more people each day!

He has also spawned into one sweet ass DJ. Sharing the stages with acts like Nadastrom, Hot Chip, Tittsowrth, Star Eyes, Klever, DJ Craze, Scottie B, The Rub, Ocelot, Scott Cooper, Dirty South Joe and many, many more. He has shared many featured sets on radio stations across the nation. He has become quite the hot commodity.

No one knows what surprises Bird Peterson has for the world in the forthcoming months. Perhaps a new couple of EPs, perhaps an album, perhaps a slew of official and exclusive remixes, and perhaps an onslaught of shows across the world.

Yes. To all of that. It's all true. Now get ready for the future. Its about 5'11, 190 pounds, and full of the dickens. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you...




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