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Omadaka Biography

~Japanese Music scene-leading Samurais take on the world~

Since 1996, BENTEN Tokyo & SXSW Asia Rep have held an yearly showcase called JAPAN NITE US TOUR including SXSW appearance and has introduced countless Japanese Artists to the world. 2009 will mark its 13 year anniversary. The performer's brilliant musical performances, unique character and variety of style has won the acclaim of many, and Japan Nite evolved each year to become one of the most popular showcases in SXSW. The event has featured over 60 bands, including the likes of LOVE PSYCHEDELICO, ORIGINAL LOVE,,Lolita No.18, Number Girl, Petty Booka,TsuShiMaMire, noodles, PE'Z, Stance Punks, ELLEGARDEN, HY,The 50 KAITENZ, ASAKUSA JINTA, PISTOL VALVE, THE EMERALDS, ORESKA BAND and GO!GO! 7188 and more. We have Two Japan Nite shows during this year SXSW and after that we travel 7 other cities as always. Please check out the schedule below and come to see awesome new bands! You know Asakusa Jinta and detroit7 are coming back again. I am sure they are going to be one of the highlights of the tour and I am so happy to introduce new all girl bands and also Japanese punk legend band, SA. You should check out indie band hero, SPARTA LOCALS also. It's so nice and unbelievable that one of the best alternative band, GRAPEVINE also join the tour! Please don't miss them all!

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