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themselves are doseone and jel. Adam Drucker (doseone), was born in Napa, Idaho. A product of two well intentioned hippie parents whose extremely imagined relationship was unfortunately a half fusion of everything they had feared in their own mothers and fathers respectively. Needless to say the couple did not last, but the son of a one-time glass-blower managed with his ten-mile-a-minute wit, one of kind voice, humor and imagination. His coming-of-age years were spent bouncing around Philadelphia and New Jersey perfecting his MC-battling skills. By the time he moved to Cincinnati in his late teens, he'd developed a unique style and approach that has been unmatched in that circuit since. Even though his talent landed him in a few final-round showdowns with freestyle legends like Eminem, JUICE, and members of Freestyle Fellowship in Cincinnati1s annual "Scribble Jam," dose found battling ultimately unsatisfying. Sitting in his college classes, he no longer found himself daydreaming about battle comebacks, instead he started focusing more on poetry and began applying it to musical form.

Jeffrey Logan was born in Chicago to two very Catholic, Detroit natives. His early musical influences were fairly wholesome music like Chuck Berry, Cat Stevens and the Temptations, but inevitably and in spite of his parents' strong religious beliefs, jel quickly gravitated towards hip hop, beats and ultimately to beat-making. Influenced by everything he was listening to, jel became disen-chanted with the school system. In line with early hip hop beat pioneers, jel knew he needed an SP-1200 to produce the sounds he was dreaming about. Without the means to buy one, jel found a job pumping gas at a service station until he stacked enough ends to buy his first SP-1200. With the right equipment, he soon found himself spending most of his time making beats in his bedroom and passing the tapes along to local, Chicago MC's to rhyme over. As his skills on the drum machine progressed and his record collection grew, jel's sound became increasingly complex and distinct. As his musical ambitions grew, so did his thirst for a vocalist that could keep pace with his progression.

jel became familiar with dose through his good friend and college radio partner, Kevin Beacham. But it wasn1t until early 1998 when some tapes where exchanged through mutual friend, Mr. Dibbs, that the two realized their potential together. Soon after a few phone conversations, jel started making frequent sojourns from Chicago to Cincinnati to record with dose. The duo's first couple of tracks ended up on dose's first, self-released record "Hemispheres" (1998). Then from April of 1998 to January 1999 they solidified their chemistry, putting the tracks together that would end up on themselves-them (or them-s/t). That same Spring dose and jel, along with Slug of Atmosphere and sole and alias of Live Poets began recording deep puddle dynamics-the taste of rain...why kneel?. Out of that record, the concept of anticon was somewhere born-- whose founding dose and jel would become an integral part of, later bringing them both to the Bay Area.

Since then, both artists have continued to push boundaries, producing and collaborating on a range of work far outside the constructs of traditional genre forms. They've expanded their use and understanding of their equipment, as well as perfected their live performances. Their most recent record, " the no music.", involved the use of: an SP-1200, an MPC-2000, a Korg Poly 64 keyboard, some other shit, a Roland VS 880, Digital Performer, a Dr. Sample, various microphones, numerous household items and found objects and sounds. Recently the two of them have also expanded their roles in the group, both contributing vocals and production to" the no music.". They also added Dax Pierson ..boards, Dr. Sample, Theremin and back up vocals on many of their tracks, and to all of their live performances. Dax is essential in adding syncopation and a real time quality to the tracks.

dose has been involved with numerous other projects such as collaborations with Boom Bip, John Herndon, prefuse 73, Buck 65, Aesop Rock, sole of anticon, and HOOD. He's also the front man in the band Subtle and is an essential ingredient in cLOUDDEAD with why? and odd nosdam. jel is also involved in the band Subtle and has produced music for Black Thought of the Roots, DJ Krush, Mr. Dibbs, sole of anticon, Atmosphere and Sage Francis. Their most recent record, themselves-the no music. was released in September of 2002 to much acclaim.

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