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December 31st, 2007…

This was the day Revive arrived at their new home - Atlanta GA. With nothing in their hands but old suitcases and a few guitars… Revive were ready.

 The band officially got together in the (Australian) Summer of 2004, after playing local churches and schools for the better part of 2003. They had been having a lot of fun doing these smaller shows, but began seeing that perhaps there was something more to this band than they had originally thought. In July 2004, they released their first full album as Revive titled "Where I Belong". Australia took the album well and more doors began opening for the boys from Sydney. They started to get very busy with shows all around New South Wales - in particular in schools where they found they were able to have a strong and fruitful ministry with the students.
With more offers coming in, it was getting difficult to balance work/university with the band commitments, so in January 2006, the boys took the leap of faith and went full time Revive (as well as broke!). It is often said that God uses those willing to be used - and they quickly found out that this was indeed true for them. The tours began to reach outside of their home state and into wider Australia. As well as this they were able to co-lease an old studio as a part-office/part-recording facility. The guys were able to spend hours and hours each day writing and recording, crafting their own sound as a band. The product of this time is found in their 2006 album "Trafalgar Street", named after the street the old studio was in.
The album was picked up by radio and grabbed the attention of promoters across the country. One such promoter had just decided to bring Third Day out from America for a tour in Australia. He asked Revive to open the three shows for Third Day.
While the boys were obviously excited about playing with Third Day, they had no idea what was about to happen.

With the album in hand Revive hit the road with Third Day and played to over 40, 000 people in 20-something states during February, March and April (2008). The reaction to this band has been almost unanimous - people love them!

The Revive boys already feel at home in America, and eagerly await the coming years to see where God will lead them next!

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