Ivan Milev Band
Ivan Milev Band Dates

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Ivan Milev Band Biography

Ivan Milev Band opens the boundaries for an amazing journey into the depths of Bulgarian and Balkan music. A musical genius and legendary performer, accordionist Ivan Milev has established the rules that govern Bulgarian Folk Music throughout his 30-plus year career. He is the mastermind behind Ivan Milev Band, having gathered a group of musicians from Eastern Europe to record a landmark album of Balkan folk music.

Ivan is an accordionist of incredible virtuosity and technique, and his vision of combining multiple ethnic styles has produced tunes with daring key changes and dizzying tempos. Battling solos between the veteran accordionist and his apprentice, violinist Entcho Todorov, deliver energizing performances of Bulgarian and Balkan folk music.

Ivan Milev Band is the vision of two musical talents and two friends â€" Ivan and Entcho, that see the potential of Balkan music extending far from the Eastern European region and thrilling audiences from different cultures and musical backgrounds around the world.

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