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Doug Biography

A few short months after graduating from the Berklee College of Music, Doug (who now famously parades shirtless after a handful of cocktails) arrived for his first day of work at the Crush Management offices donning a three-piece suit, and an almost-empty briefcase in hand. Doug quickly realized the music business wasn't quite as stuffy as he once thought and he loosened up, bringing out his less-than hidden talents.

Doug's boss, Bob McLynn, immediately grew frustrated-if not downright annoyed-with his persistent attempts at performing in the office, as Doug would inappropriately strum his guitar between e-mails or loudly burst into song. However, Bob's disapproval changed once he realized that he could cash in on Doug's assets. On that fateful day, Bob gave Doug an ultimatum: record an album free of profit or lose your job. Doug dutifully set out to craft this record, a 12-song homage to the Decaydance artists he has grown to love (and envy) over his years at Crush.

What came from long nights and early mornings was Does Decaydance; jazz arrangements of songs from each of the label's artists complete with drums, bass, piano, horns and Doug's own guitar and vocals.

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