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In every aspect of life there is change. Change is necessary to bring growth. Growth, is to futher the path of change. Once a capacity is reached-it is time for another change. For Short Dawg, it is his function to bring this revolution into play with today's hip hop. You can hear this conviction in his voice, or maybe its from the memories of living through harsh times on the reservation set aside for the remainder of his people of the Yuhaviatam tribe in Highland California. While his counterparts spin tale after tale of ghetto warfare, Short Dawg gives you the story of the "little indian boy" left for dead; in the ghetto. His ghetto like any other is filled with deception, blight, women fathered by the street, and the usual suspects. Short however doesn't narrarate the same ol tales to glorify them and commemorate them. Instead he becomes the guide that gives rich history of this landscape and its people. He fixes the crooked picture. From the reservation into the streets Short Dawg is clearly a mayoral figure of the city. The city is your setting, the listener. Touring with acts like Akon, Missy Elliot, Tech N9ne and Three 6 Mafia - Short Dawg is not your average in the trunk cd peddler. His grind is globally recognized, recently inking a distribution deal with Alemeda records in Tokyo, Japan. He owns a recording studio, record label and works closely with his entertainment lawyer. There isn't much the majors can offer to this self proclaimed "Black Sheep". He is set to release several projects under his Voodoo Nation Records, Inc. imprint. This according to Short Dawg is his way of 'providing unadulterated change to the people longing for growth.' As leader of the pack he is ready to lead the other sheep away from the farm and into the wilderness. Brace yourself for this change. It has a name. Short Dawg, The Black Sheep...

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