99.9 KISW Holiday Hangover Ball
99.9 KISW Holiday Hangover Ball Dates

Sorry, there are no 99.9 KISW Holiday Hangover Ball dates.

99.9 KISW Holiday Hangover Ball Biography

Every night is a Friday night for HELLYEAH and their fans. No matter what the situation, HELLYEAH's mission is singular: to provide fans with good time, spirit-lifting hard rock. When you are at a HELLYEAH show or listening to their music, everything else takes a backseat to feeling good and focusing on living in the 'here and now.' Because that's what real life is all about.

Frontman Chad Gray adds, "The band is called HELLYEAH, come on!  It's like 'Hell yeah, let's do it!'" The singer further admitted that he envisions the band as a salve that hard-hit American rock fans turn to in these rough economic times. While life may suck for the red-blooded, middle class American right now, art shouldn't be a luxury they can't afford and HELLYEAH's goal is to bring their music to the people, like a port in the storm, the lifeline to save them from drowning in the harsh realities of life. And really, isn't that why people turn to music in their bleakest hours, for something to connect with?

Despite not-so-humble beginnings as an enjoyable side project for members of Pantera, Mudvayne and Nothingface, one thing is certain about HELLYEAH in 2010: this is a real band that speaks to real people with their new album, STAMPEDE. While the members may have built their individual reputations in mega-successful, household name metal and rock bands throughout the years, when you strip them down to their base parts, the members of HELLYEAH aren't much different than normal, average Americans who love their music. And that's just the way the band likes it.

"First and foremost, we said if we were going to do this, it'd be about having a good time, with kick ass music and drinks, not a big corporate fuckin' supergroup bullshit deal," legendary drummer Vinnie Paul said, without mincing a single syllable. "Before a year together on the road and finding ourselves completely with the first record, we were all new to each other. We just did what came off the top of our heads. Now, we have great chemistry and for this second record, we knew that we found ourselves as a live band. We wanted to translate what came off the stage into the studio, with that same power and energy. But it's even more diverse and deeper. Obviously, our roots are metal, but we have ties with Southern rock, like Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Marshall Tucker Band, and we're bringing that out more."

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