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Hey Champ Biography

Rockford, Illinois... not exactly a hotbed of talent, although it has produced rock legends Cheap Trick, and (allegedly) the older brother from the TV hit "Blossom." Two boys, Saam, age 16 and Jonathan, 13, become heavily influenced by both Blossom and Cheap Trick. Naturally, they form a band

Eight years later the two reform in Chicago under the Hey Champ moniker. Much smarter and poorer, they begin a musical journey that ended up on the intersection of Gainsbourg Avenue and Jarre Lane. Needing some additional help on the keys, Jonathan called up an old Princeton chum, Pete Dougherty. The two had met as outsiders at one of those Princeton tea and crumpet parties where everyone wears blazers and laughs through clenched teeth.

Their lineup complete the trio became well known around Chicago for their pop savvy and songwriting prowess. Soon artists came knocking for Hey Champ production insight and remixes, and to this date Hey Champ has remixed Scenario Rock, Yeasayer, and many others.  With a live show that excites and blows away audiences nationwide, and internationally acclaimed tracks and remixes spun in clubs all over Europe, Japan, Australia and the U.S., Hey Champ is poised to become...the third greatest thing to come out of Rockford.

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