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Suzi Allegra dreamed. She was walking along a footpath framed by old, twisted trees and shrubs. It was a crisp autumn evening and the stars were just coming out above the trees as last embers of the sun smoldered on the horizon. This was the first day of music appreciation class and she did not want to be late. She had been on a waiting list for this particular music appreciation class for three semesters. It was titled "Four hundred some odd songs in four hundred some odd nights" and it was just that, but the professor, and his unique connection to music, was why Suzi had been waiting so long to attend a class that met every night for more than a year straight. Suzi stepped into the classroom and shivered off the last remnants of the autumn chill that hung about her. The classroom was warm and homey, filled with incense smoke and the flickering light of candles. The professor stood at the head of the class and smiled as Suzi took her seat. Unruly curls played about his face as he put the needle on the record, conjuring crackles from the stereo speakers at the front of the room. He began to dance like clouds or the northern lights: so subtely that if you did not watch closely you might not notice him moving at all. Suzi listened and watched as if she were taking the first step of an epic journey. Four hundred some odd songs in four hundred some odd nights with her new professor, Marc Bolan............The Pseudo Dates are a four piece rock and roll group that his been kicking around Denver for about a year now, writing songs, playing shows, and generally digging the scene. They have an EP out called "Because We Love You".

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