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Duff McKagan's Loaded Biography

Duff McKagan (born February 5, 1964) is an American musician and bassist who is best known for his eight-year tenure in the 1980s heavy-metal band Guns n' Roses.

McKagan played in thirty-one rock bands around Seattle - including Ten Minute Warning and a hard-core punk band called The Fartz - and then headed to Southern California when he was nineteen where he hooked up with GNR axeman Slash and one-time drummer Steve Adler in a band called Road Crew after answering an ad about a bass player in a loco magazine. He met Slash and Steve at Canter's (L.A.'s legendary 24 hour deli and rock hangout). Duff expected some punk with a penchant for '70s rock, but when he kept the appointed rendezvous at Canter's he found two long-haired guys instead.

After recruiting L.A. Guns members Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin, Guns n' Roses was born. Before Guns n' Roses became Guns n' Roses, they (Duff, Slash and Steve) played together in L.A. GUNS. After a while Axl Rose left his band Hollywood Rose for L.A. GUNS. This created some problems because in the meantime Izzy (who played in the same band as Axl) had booked a gig for Hollywood Rose, and there was no band left. Then they booked a gig for L.A. GUNS and there was no band there either. The problems in those two bands was the beginning of a new band, they mixed what was left of them and Guns n' Roses was born. The new line-up was finalized on June 6, 1985. Duff became the band's bassist, and after two days of rehearsal Duff & Co. played their debut gig with GN'R on a Thursday night at the Troubadour.

In 1995, he collaborated with Slash and his new band the Snakepit, he co-wrote a song called "beggars and hangers on", which he also played live at the Palace during a Snakepit show in May 1995. He formed "Neurotic Outsiders", a heavy-metal super-group consisting of Matt Sorum (GN'R drummer), Steve Jones (Sex Pistols guitarist) and John Taylor (Duran Duran bassist). They played some clubs in L.A. and toured the U.S. in 1996. They also played clubs in 1998 and 1999. They have an album out, called Neurotic Outsiders, that was released in September 1996. After that he put together different bands, like Duff McKagan's Black Dog and 10 Minute Warning, they made an album and some clubs dates, and recently Loaded.

He put together another band called "Mad for racket" or also known as "The Racketeers" in 2000, and they played in London in December 2000. Duff did not play on that show. In 2001, he reunited with Loaded and they are playing the clubs in Seattle. He also ran a marathon in 2001. In August 2001, Loaded toured Japan and also toured that country with Izzy Stradlin on Stradlin's tour for his new album "River".

Since April 2002, Duff has played bass guitar for Velvet Revolver together with former members of Guns n' Roses, Slash and Matt Sorum.

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