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It takes but a listen to Thriving Ivory's self-titled debut to hear the indelible sound of timeless rock for modern day music lovers that has created such a stir. It's a stunning and captivating disc that matches musical grandeur and punch with visceral emotional impact and melodies that embed themselves into the listener's consciousness.

Fan favorites include such haunting tracks as the first single, "Angels on The Moon," as well as "Alien," and epic ballads "Hey Lady" and "Overrated." Songs like "Twilight" and "Secret Life" paint glistening, picturesque canvases, and the band's gift for melding dynamics and drive distinguish "Long Hallway With a Broken Light," "For Heaven's Sake," "Unhappy" and "Light Up Mississippi." From the bravura opening strains of "Runaway" to the magnificent closing crescendo of "Day of Rain," the disc is not just an album but a full-blooded and emotionally palpable musical, lyrical and sonic experience.

Thriving Ivory's live shows sealed the deal with anyone who witnessed one. "I was immediately attracted to Thriving Ivory's sound," notes an admittedly "stubborn and hardheaded" Sonoma State Star reviewer. "It was surprisingly melodic, sweeping and triumphant. The vocals were raw, gritty and yet refined and pleasantly reminiscent of a young Robert Plant. The piano was simply enchanting, providing a sturdy backbone for their sound, which was rounded off with laid back guitar riffs, smooth bass and rhythmic drums...Their music is larger than they know... The band exudes a cohesion found only in seasoned bands like the Rolling Stones, and yet, they are seemingly unaware of how big they could be."

"Music is an endless pursuit of the unattainable for me," he explains. The bar for Jason's creative aspirations was set by how deeply he was affected by U2 in their DVD "Where the Streets Have No Name," and how the band enthralled their native Dublin audience with their songs and performance. "I want to move people the way that moved me," he says. "We want our songs to be something that will stand the test of time."

"Everybody who hears us is really touched," observes Cribley. "This music is built to last."

"[L]ike true rock stars they exude the 'it' factor, setting them apart," concludes The Owl Mag of Thriving Ivory. As sagaciously predicts, "One listen to them and you'll be hooked."


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