The Alan Baird Project
The Alan Baird Project Dates

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The Alan Baird Project Biography

The Alan Baird Project is from Aurora, Colorado. Its 4 members have previously played in bands such as Drop Dead Gorgeous, The Cashregister Ambulance, Man The Moon, Crown The Vulture, and The Tree Horse Quads. In 2007 the Alan Baird Project materialized around the singer/songwriter when he decided to make a full band out of his solo act. It was not long before his recruited local guitarist (Nick Fox), bassist (Noah Matthews), and drummer (Joel Matthews) began to mesh and become a cohesive entity. What started as simple jam sessions quickly turned into a barrage of cooperative and creative energy. Every member of The Alan Baird Project brings something different and exciting to the table. With influences in Metal, experimental indie, R&B, southern rock, dirty ass blues and more, you will never know how the newest song ideas will sound. They are in the process of recording the latest CD, so watch out for it and check back for new material every now and again.


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