Wardogs Dates

Sorry, there are no Wardogs dates.

Wardogs Biography

On Halloween 2007 WARDOGS was formed with the belief, that if you want something you've never had, then you must do something you've never done. They set out to achieve a new direction and sound above and beyond anything they had ever accomplished. Fueled by an unrelenting drive, this band will breath new life into a stale corpse that we call music today.

This is a band for those who have been silenced. This is a band for those who are tired of others telling them how to live. This is a band for those who refuse to give up. If you want to find answers on how to make your life better, read a book. If you have been looking for a band that writes songs you can relate to, then we give you the WARDOGS!

Support your scene, put on a show, start a band, build a skate park, write for
a zine, make your own clothes, run for political office, just do something that your proud of and help to...


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