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The Sideshow fancies themselves as the ultimate DJ/VJ duo. They once formed a trio with Mike Relm called "Mike Relm and The Sideshow", but the group's bitter breakup in 2005 sent the clowns tumbling down a road of substance abuse and gambling problems. Following the success of Mike Relm's performances and YouTube hits, The Sideshow has become increasingly resentful in recent years since they feel he has stolen their material and called it his own. In one instance, The Sideshow has claimed in their blog that Relm's "Oh Face" piece is a direct copy of their "Meg Face" routine where they scratch a video of Meg Ryan's fake orgasm in "When Harry Met Sally." "Meg Face" was a popular piece in San Francisco coffee shops and various other open-mic nights, but was subsequently retired when Mike Relm unleashed his "Oh Face" to a mass audience with Blue Man Group in 2007. Feeling they deserved more notoriety, The Sideshow once again turned to alcohol and drugs to ease their jealous rage. Upon hearing of this, Relm invited them to join him on his first headline tour, on one condition - they must complete a 4 month rehab program.

Now, in the fall of 2008 The Sideshow is back and better than ever.
Though admittedly not completely sober, they have worked closely with Mike Relm to create a show that will take everything you've seen before to a whole new level. A select group of journalists who have been invited to take a sneak peek at their new show have called it "a cross between a Super Bowl halftime show and an orgasm." When asked what it was like to collaborate with his former bandmates, a visibly flustered Relm said "They're really talented, but when we started working together again, I realized why we didn't speak for 3 years."


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