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Alexi Murdoch Biography

Alexi Murdoch is a London-born, Scottish-bred, singer-songwriter. He went to the U.S. to study philosophy at Duke University.

His self-published EP, Four Songs, was released in 2002, becoming the all time No. 1 selling record in CD Baby history. Murdoch's first album, Time Without Consequence, was released on June 6, 2006.

One of Murdoch's most popular songs is "Orange Sky". In an interview, Murdoch said when he took the music to a record company that the recording executive popped the disc into his computer rather than a stereo and then proceeded to stare at the counter on the screen waiting to see how long it took to get to the refrain. The executive's reaction supposedly convinced Murdoch to take the indie route of releasing his music.

"Orange Sky" has been used in a number of television and movie productions, including The OC, House, Prison Break, Ugly Betty, Ladder 49, "The Russell Girl", and a trailer for the film Paradise Now. The same song was also featured in the movie Garden State, although it did not appear on the official soundtrack. More recently, the song was featured on the Season 1 episode "The Chiavennasca" of Dirty Sexy Money. Another song of the album, "All My Days", was featured in a Season 4 episode of The OC, in Season 4 of Grey's Anatomy and in Season 6 of Without a Trace. The song "Home" was featured on a Season 2 episode of Prison Break.

His song "Through the Dark" can be heard during the end credits of Gone Baby Gone.


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