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Hypnautic and His Crew Biography

Born Brian Godeaux in Denver, Colorado, Hypnautic was destined for greatness from the start.  He has always been an ambitious entrepreneur and incredibly hard worker; he grew up in some of the rougher Denver public schools, which taught him how to survive in any situation.  Drawing people to him ever since he was young, Godeaux started making music in high school while performing at parties.  Back then it was all about having fun, but two days before he graduated, Brian's best childhood friend died from a fatal choice during a sudden round of Russian roulette.    The loss affected him deeply, and he found himself freestyling on tape to deal with the pain.  The song he recorded while grieving for his friend impacted everyone around him, and Brian still credits his dear friend with influencing him to make his first album.  Seeing his music bring tears to his friends' eyes made him realize he needed to use this gift to help heal others.

The next year or so was incredibly tough for Godeaux.  Dealing with a lot of drama, fighting, and more death, Brian was lost and confused â€" and going down the wrong path.  In late 2000, he spent a year living in Dallas, Texas, where he got away from trouble and decided he had to take his music career seriously.  Touching back down in Colorado with his state of mind revitalized, he linked up with a producer and another artist to form a recording team and was quickly christened "Hypnautic" in honor of his ability to mesmerize and touch his listeners.  It's a role he doesn't take lightly, citing the name's personal meaning to him with a quote offered by a friend: "to navigate one's mind; to hypnotize, guide, or direct the destiny of thought."  He is quick to point out that his goal is to utilize this talent not to control but to effect positive change.

Hypnautic and his team launched the group Scripture Music and began performing live.  Within a few months, they evolved into the Tormented Religion collective, getting tracks on local radio and releasing several albums together.  After the second release, the group split up for a while, leaving Apostasy and Hypnautic working as Tormented Religion but with each creating his own recordings.  Hypnautic used his business acumen to help Apostasy get his solo debut out first, with features by Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs in Harmony, Young Droop, and a variety of fellow local artists.  Tormented Religion then teamed up with two other local groups to form Notorious Tormented Mobstas â€" a local movement that had a huge impact but didn't last long.  Still doing shows all over Denver, Hypnautic released his solo debut God Gave Me A Reason featuring singer Robin a year later, and the title track was quickly picked up by local radio station KS107.5 FM, played on Sirius satellite radio, and highlighted in Colorado Music Buzz Magazine's Hip Hop Checkpoint feature "Who's Getting It Right In Rap."  "God Gave Me A Reason" also appeared on DJ Bedz's Shadyville Radio, Vol. 4 (hosted by Stat Quo), DJ Bedz & DJ Psycho Capone Kustomz mixtape (hosted by Denver Nugget J.R. Smith), and DJ Bedz Party 2 Go, Vol. 9 (hosted by Mims), as well as in the independent film Betrayed Heart.

Having opened for artists such as the Jungle Brothers, Yuckmouth from the Luniz, Swisha House, and Pall Wall â€" Hypnautic can rock a crowd from one to 5000, no problem.  This prolific artist has recorded over 250 songs and is making new music daily.  He is currently working with Fat Lee on the new television show 303tv, set to launch in 2008.  Expect more mixtapes to come â€" one with Fat Lee including features by Akon and Twista and hosted by DJ Bedz â€" and a host of shows in Colorado as well as around the states to make new fans and get his face out there.  Hypnautic will be back in the studio with a new producer this year to create some of his best work yet for a sophomore solo release set for nationwide and international distribution.

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