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Civet Biography

Hell Hath No Fury is the Hellcat Records debut from Civet, the hottest all-girl rock n' roll band (both literally and figuratively) to erupt from the Los Angeles rock scene since Joan Jett and Lita Ford formed The Runaways.

And to update and polish the old cliche in punk terms: Hell Hath No Fury like four tattooed girls turned on by Motorhead, Murder City Devils and Rancid blasting through an album's worth of troubled-relationship fueled jams.

Civet brings the power but they also bring the fun, combining the bold confidence of a band like Bikini Kill with the dirty-sexy appeal of trailblazing rock n' rollers like The Rolling Stones and the rollicking bounce of The Clash.

Hell Hath No Fury is incredibly diverse but held together by an overwhelming sense of adventure and playfulness. Where a song like "Bad Luck" is breakneck fast, the title track is no less powerful but super-duper catchy. "All I Want" was co-written with Rancid's Tim Armstrong, who signed the band to his Hellcat imprint. ("It started out as a song Tim had written for someone else, a pop singer or something, I think," explains Liza." He really wanted us to do one of his songs on the record and we were like, 'Sure, why not?' Tim and I had to sit down to make it work for this band.").

With Hell Hath No Fury as the soundtrack, Civet plans to take their music and message to all of the corners of the earth on tour. "Our goal is to get out there as a girl band and prove that we can play music and do it well," Liza says in summation. "We love to be inspiring to both women and men alike."


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