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The current lineup consisting of singer Ryan Rado, guitarists Perry Bean and Taylor Jones, bassist Russell Hickman, and drummer Adam Tanaka have a message that they want YOU to hear.

Since their formation in the summer of 2007, these hard working players have been slowly polishing their "aggressively happy" or "rebelliously peaceful" sound, all while juggling their full time jobs. Their experience ranges from tour managing major acts, working on production teams that have produced some of the biggest commercials, festivals and music videos out today, and of course the occasional odd job here and there. The men of ILL PATRIOT are willing to do whatever it takes to stay afloat and still be able to make, and play, the music that they love.

Though a "new" band, ILL PATRIOT re-examined their musical past and used those influences to write and record their first EP The New Collective Conscience. "We all grew up listening to punk rock and eventually became more interested in hardcore, reggae, folk and hip-hop," says vocalist Ryan Rado. "To tell you the truth, we stumbled back into punk through the political message of hip-hop." ILL PATRIOT has embraced politics and the ever-growing struggle that this nation, and world, is going through. Though not a new idea in "punk rock", the band feels they have a different take on the ideals that their predecessors may have had and want to be a part of the solution.

Through gang vocals and anthemic punk rock, you will hear a group of boys, turned men, taking the passions they had in their youth, and have constructively pieced together well thought-out, studied messages, and aggressive music that has that little "something" to keep you listening. For fans of bands like Strike Anywhere, Propagandhi and Rise Against…"We just hope that you find our music informative and refreshing in this age of electronics, texting, and an "oh too fast-paced world"", says bassist Russell Hickman. "The truth is our motivation."

ILL PATRIOT's, self home recorded EP, The New Collective Conscience, is available now on iTunes.


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