Yard Dogs Road Show
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Yard Dogs Road Show Biography

The Yard Dogs Road Show is a hobo cabaret, a living patchwork of vaudeville and rock and roll. In the enchanting land of stage show entertainment theirs is both pleasant and formidable terrain.  They require a sensitivity to the subtle and the absurd. They lead the modern hobohemian on a visual and sonic journey through part of history that may or may not have existed â€" followed by an ambitious return to the emotional challenges of our punch-drunk contemporary world. It's a true story on stage: sword swallowers, dancing dolls, fire eaters and sunset hobo poetry - all animated by the live sounds of the Yard Dogs cartoon heavy band. Yard Dogs Road Show is pure visual and sonic voodoo.

Born from the saloon vaudeville that toured the Wild West in the late 1800's and slammed into the underworld of modern American road culture. The Yard Dogs create a timeless space for the union of ancient theatrical alchemy and modern pop culture.

In an historical sense we are a family run show. We endeavor to operate a values based entertainment business that sustains itself on pure democracy and creative collaboration.  The Yard Dogs are a naturally occurring phenomenon - favored by those seeking an unsullied entertainment experience. We are continually working towards a refinement of showmanship and musicianship while simultaneously finding creative ways to embrace our community and the forever present unexpected.


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