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Glis Biography

After two successful and charting EP-singles for the international club-hits "Disappear!" and "No Pulse" which also got featured on a dozen of high-profile compilations, GLIS revealed his much-anticipated 14-track 4th album entitled "Nemesis" in June 2005. Seattle based artist Shaun Frandsen could have easily been resting on his laurels reproducing another EBM-pop album, repeating the success of "Balance" and "Equilibrium". But he decided to make a u-turn for the darker side and incorporated on his new release harsher distorted vocals and much darker EBM-industrial compositions, while keeping his modern and club-oriented dimension. This time, GLIS hits hard and straight, and seeks to define personal demons within the human condition... the struggle to find oneself amid the inevitable realization of mortality. "Nemesis" also benefits from a blockbuster featured appearance by Front 242's frontman Jean-Luc De Meyer who contributes guest vocals on both "The Irreparable" and "La Béatrice" with adapted lyrics from Charles Baudelaire's "Flowers Of Evil". Additional guest vocals on the album are performed by Len Lemeire (Implant), Sandrine Gouriou (Seize, Visage), Karloz. M (Manufactura) and Carsten Pedersen (Tau Factor) all of which add a multi-dimensional diversity to this intense and hi-energy release reaping an advantageous appeal to both dark elektro/EBM fans and power noise addicts.

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