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Blink and you might miss tiny Leroy, Alabama, but if your ears are open, you just might hear it.

The pure, clear, country voice of Ashton Shepherd lilts through the evening air in Leroy from a place called The Pickin' Shed. It's a cabin behind her house situated on seven acres of cropland. After the day's chores are over, she and her husband and her brother-in-law break out their guitars and fill the Shed with songs.

And what songs they are. Ashton Shepherd writes in a style that is as refreshing and direct as her personality. You won't hear many "kiss-off" songs with more sass and attitude than "Takin' Off This Pain." Her bell-like voice chimes with innocence on the charming rural celebration "Sounds So Good." She's a feisty, fun country gal on the loose "I Like Being Single" and "Not Right Now." "Old Memory That Don't Remember Me" and "Whiskey Won the Battle" are classic-sounding "weeper" ballads that could have been written a generation ago.

All of these potent tunes are on Sounds So Good, the debut Ashton Shepherd album from MCA Nashville. All of them were written before she turned 21.

"Everybody has said they've never seen anything happen like this," says the honky-tonk Cinderella. "I can't wait to meet people and for people to meet me. I hope everybody connects with my music as well as Nashville has. I think they will. I think people will feel the realness in my songs. I've always dreamed of this ride I'm about to take. I feel as blessed as I've ever felt in my life."

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