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Wolfpac Biography

WOLFPAC's musical flavor is hard, energetic, and straight up. They kick it old-school hip-hop style blending hip hop beats with a mix of hard-core and metal samples. Their in-your-face rap style is tempered with over the top horror-core lyrics, far from the same old "mom and dad just don't understand" suburban rap lyric of today. "Evil is..." the second release from the hard-hitting group and first for Megaforce Records, unfurls sundry uncanny topics, from coming back from the dead to exact revenge upon peers, to never backing down and standing up for what you believe regardless of societies views to the proper ways of making love to a corpse. WOLFPAC's origins stem from the Philadelphia area's The BloodHound Gang, the group whose massive-selling independent Dingleberry Haze debut earned them a major label bidding war. After landing a deal with Columbia Records, this wacky troop released Use Your Fingers, which went to sell almost 200,000 copies nationwide. Soon after the album's release, one of the main founding members, Daddy Long Legs, left the BloodHound Gang and went on to form WOLFPAC.

As the name might suggest, WOLFPAC goes beyond mere music. Their shows are highly interactive, with the MC's in the midst of the pit as often as on stage and their fans nearly as vocal as the members. "Our fans are like our family," Daddy Long Legs says adding "If your the kind of person who can relate to our music your the kind of person who can definitely relate to me!" Once described as the Wu-Tang Clan meets the Misfits on crack, WOLFPAC's unconventional approach has found appeal with fans from all walks of life. "It's very fresh," he says, its all one big dysfunctional family all bound by a common tie, music! After all, isn't that the way music is supposed to be?"

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