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Slowly We Survive
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Music is powerful. There is no way around it. Its been programmed into every one of us to be effected in one way or another by music. For some its rock, for some its opera, for some its polka. For the guys in Slowly We Survive, its about creating the music and the feeling that fully completes someones day, or even week. For almost two years now, Nick, Jordan, and Stefan have been working toward becoming a band that changes peoples minds. The way people think, the way they hear music, the way they go about the rest of their day. And while their sound is still evolving and developing, so is the world around us.

Playing a plethora of local shows and festivals around Washington state, Slowly We Survive released their EP "Music to Play Hide and Seek To" this past year on iTunes, at shows, and local music shops. Self promoted and without help from any label, the band has made a name for themselves in the greater Seattle area and continues to do so, wowing audiences with their epic and intense live show, and selling hundreds of albums. Slowly We Survive has their sights set on making the kind of music that will make you take a step back and say, so THIS is what its like to be alive...

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